Have you tried all sorts of teas and supplements and still end up being overweight? Well, you’re not alone in this battle against weight gain. I have also spent a considerable amount of money just to achieve my weight goal. I have tried several products including tablets, teas, drinks, and several diet plans. I am not saying that these products and techniques don’t work. To a certain extent, they do work. However, I just think they are not producing optimum results because they appear like “work” to me. These all seem like an ordeal to me. Until recently, I discovered the benefits of swimming. It’s an enjoyable activity, and it gives me the opportunity to socialize with the other enthusiasts. I enrolled in one of the top swimming classes in Sydney, and it is the best decision I’ve made so far. I did not only lose pounds, but I also gained muscles. Overall, I became fit.Let me highlight the reasons why swimming works perfectly fine for my weight loss.

  1. It’s a fun activity.
    The water has always been a fun medium. Tell me one person who hates the feeling of being submerged or floated in the water. Even kids love frolicking in the waters despite the harsh heat of the sun. So, I cannot tell you enough how enjoyable swimming is for weight loss. It was effective for me because I did not see it as a regimen. Most people dread the thought of hitting the gym or gulping a glass of an unknown tea. Unlike them, I actually look forward to swimming.
  2. It’s a communal activity.
    Exercising in a gym also provides the opportunity to interact with other people. But most of the times, you have to endure throughout the program on your own. With swimming, you may have fun with your buddies while burning fats. Your friends or family can be a part of your weight loss plan. How cool is that?Also, studies show that laughing out loud makes you lose calories. Your motivation, merriment, and socialization tanks are full when you choose swimming for weight loss.
  3. It improves fitness.
    Ultimately, swimming improves your fitness, and not just reduces your weight. It practically moves every muscle group in your body, from head to foot, and requires proper breathing technique. It, therefore, improves muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Long before you notice, you may have already developed a lithe physique only a few months of swimming lessons.I suggest that you seek proper training for swimming first. Your coach may teach you proper breathing techniques and strokes. Lessons will help you avoid musculoskeletal injuries caused by overstretching or by improper execution.
  4. It takes your stress away.
    Swimming does not only benefit the body; it also benefits the mind. It takes your stress away, especially during the summer. A hot weather sometimes increases your blood pressure, adding to your stress. Swimming helps our bodies maintain homeostasis. It’s a good way to cool down. Furthermore, swimming also improves posture, flexibility, balance, and of course, coordination. Just look at the shoulder blades of those Olympics swimmers. They just seem to stand upright and square.
  5. It’s doable.
    Swimming is good for your weight, heart, and lungs. It is also good for your ego. The level of difficulty may be one of the reasons why other people do not take up an exercise or sports. Swimming is very doable. Plus, you can see results in a matter of 2 weeks only. The change is not drastic, though, and this is good news. Incremental changes lead to permanent results compared to one-time-big-time changes. The confidence you gained in swimming may also spill over into other aspects of your life. It’s absolutely fine if you perform other routines besides swimming.
    You may do cycling, yoga, or pilates as well. Eating healthy is also advisable, whether we like to lose or maintain our present weight. I’m not saying that you go on a strict diet, completely avoiding sugar and fats. Perhaps, an organic diet or rotational diet may work well. We are what we eat, after all. Swimming also affords you the opportunity to travel. You can swim through lakes, beaches, swimming pools, and rivers. Just make sure that the area is safe. Also, when swimming, always drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Put on sunblock and stretch before diving in.
    Again, do not overdo it. If you’re a beginner, take things slow. If you still haven’t mastered the proper breathing technique, there’s always a coach and a school in Sydney that’s ready to help you.If you want good tan lines, I recommend swimming for weight loss.


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