During my college days, there were a lot of days that I was exposed to too much stress. During those times, stress usually attacks me when we have to accomplish numerous academic requirements. Add to that the many exams we have to review for. I felt happy when I finally graduated. However, stress starts to haunt me again when I began working as a young professional. I noticed that stress during my student days was manageable maybe because I was still too young and much stronger then that my body can recover quickly.

Now that I have been working for more than a decade, stress starts to manifest in the form of minor injuries. I have figured out and confirmed from my colleagues that I am suffering from work-related stress that consequently results to injury.

What I noticed is that I started to experience minor pains in my neck and back during the first few years of my professional work. I didn’t bother to address it because all I was after is to earn more income. I usually work overtime to increase my monthly earnings. But then, I began to feel worried when abuse of my body started taking its toll on me.

With my initial evaluation, I concluded that I experience neck and back pains because I don’t practice proper posture while sitting in my cubicle. I also don’t follow other ergonomics practice, which all contributed to the development of unhealthy bones and muscles. Though I have been earning bigger income now, I did not think twice about consulting my physician so I can concretely address my condition. I looked for a reliable physiotherapy clinic because physical therapy is one of the best treatments that my physician recommended to me.

I am glad that I reside in Wyndham because the town offers numerous services such as healthcare and physical therapy services. I did not have any difficulty finding a credible and professional Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation clinic. From the many recommendations of my colleagues, close friends and relatives, I finally decided to choose one that is very near to my workplace and residence. I had to wait for a couple of days before visiting the clinic because we have a lot of tasks to accomplish at work.

When the day of my appointment came, I was feeling pain in my back. Though it made me uncomfortable I still pushed through with my appointment and thought that it’s better because the therapist would have a clearer idea about my situation.

When already inside the clinic, the therapist discussed with me the reasons why stress is among the major causes of injuries. One major reason is the fact that continuous exposure to stress weakens the immune system and makes the body susceptible to the development of medical conditions such as infertility, allergies, and back and neck pain. Injuries can also be acquired when the body is not able to move properly because of a weaker immune system.

During our first session, she applied some relaxation massage techniques to help the muscles loosen up and release their stiffness. However, she emphasized that the message is light and will only address the stiffness of the muscles. So aside from massage, she also demonstrated to me several range of motion exercises to help my back and neck regain their normal functions and capabilities. I was advised to execute the said set of exercises during mornings and evenings to continuously address the condition. On top off that, he also recommended that I practice eight hours of sleeping so my body can rest well after every day full of work. There are also suggestions about making work less stressful. These include proper sitting and body posture, proper use of mouse and other office equipment, frequent short breaks to allow my eyes and body to rest, and to drink lots of fluids to release the tension I acquired from rushing work tasks.

I am very happy and satisfied that I visited a physiotherapy clinic in Wyndham. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be enjoying all the benefits and results I am enjoying now. The back and neck pains were gone now and I have a stronger immune system that allows me to become more productive at work and at home. I still visit the clinic on a regular basis to have relaxation massage and some other physical treatments that are needed to keep my body strong and able. I also follow the suggestions such as sleeping on time, a practice of ergonomics, and consumption of lots of fluids.

I still suffer from stress at work but there is a huge difference now. I can manage stressful situations now and I clearly know what to do how to address them. This is why I am still able to accomplish a lot of my work without suffering from injuries that are related to stress.


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